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House Renovation

 Phase III: 


Decades of disinvestment, job and population loss, and exclusionary housing policies, have created extraordinary distress in Black and Brown communities.  Persistent poverty contributes to and perpetuates drugs and crime---which has profound and long-term effects on residents. Foreclosures, bankruptcy, and economic downturns always hit communities of color hardest and further disrupts the housing market.  Demand, supply, and credit access all pose barriers to residents and other parties involved in the housing market.

The challenge will be in encouraging the development of quality and affordable housing, new retail amenities; creating new good-paying jobs, dealing with the poverty rate and crime rates, infrastructure, economic and political stability, and overall quality of life. The overarching goal of MPAC’s efforts is to rebuild a healthy financial position of the community and to enhance the business and residential climate in the neighborhood.

The quality of life for every resident must be dramatically improved.  Neighborhood residents need options that connect them to work opportunities, services, recreation—and each other.  The community must again be able to offer residents the basic services, improved schools, improved job opportunities, connections to jobs for a range of skills and backgrounds, and safety on the streets and in the home.  The result will be more sustainable and attractive places to live; better quality of life that is inviting, and affordable.

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