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 Phase II: 

Community engagement

Neighborhood transformation is not a complementary strategy in the fight against poverty; it is the central one. A specific, tailored plan will be needed for every distressed neighborhood we operate in.

MPAC’s community-based supportive programming--recreation, afterschool programs, financial literacy classes, job training, and others— will take a healthy, functioning neighborhood for these systems to stand a chance of delivering the outcomes we expect.  Accomplishing our goals will require partnering with existing groups to provide these programs and collaborating across operating silos so that neighborhood transformation becomes a central strategic imperative.

Our Commitment to the Community

MPAC’s commitment to the communities we serve will revolve around four Core Values to shape its development process and vision: Opportunity, Equity, Partnerships, and Accountability.  MPAC is committed to using these core values to shape discussion of the company’s future and to ensure that the resulting plan is visionary, realistic, and focused on specific and measurable outcomes.

See what are people saying


“People talk about Frayser like people don’t actually live here. They just talk about Frayser as maybe an investment, or ‘it’s only land here,’ or, ‘it’s only blight and vacant houses and crime, but it’s more to it than that. People do actually live here. I live here!”

— Frayser Resident

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