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We are incredibly proud of the principled, energetic, and innovative team of leaders that we have assembled. Our team combines game-changers in the world of business, finance, the architectural and the building industry, and real estate development. Each brings something unique to the table that will be invaluable as we seek to revitalize the communities in which we operate.

Lorenzo Williams, B.A. in Business Administration, Long Beach State University.  Lorenzo is a persuasive and influential entrepreneur and business leader with more than 30 years of executive management experience in Supply Chain Logistics and Transportation.  Lorenzo possesses a unique range of skills and experiences delivering best practice management and leadership across a wide variety of industries, both domestic and international.  Lorenzo is the Founder and Managing Partner of SweetWater Global Partners and MPAC.

Carl Williams, M. ED Harvard University; MLIR, Michigan State University; B.S. - Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Michigan State University.  Carl has held senior executive positions in the newspaper, financial and manufacturing sectors, and cultural institutions.  Carl lives in Washington, DC, is a highly regarded consultant and strategic advisor and has provided consultant and contractor support to the US Departments of State and Homeland Security.

Manzoor Hasan, CPA, MST, MBA; Manzoor is Managing Partner of Hasan & Associates, CPAs, PC.  Manzoor has more than 25 years of all-around accounting, taxation, and financial management experience and has extensive knowledge of tax law, insurance, retirement plans, and strategic business planning.  Manzoor is a seasoned consultant in health care and has extensive expertise in medical management. Manzoor also holds a Master of Science degree in Taxation (MST), Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance, and a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration degree.


Dr. Angela S. Martin, B.A. in English Pre-Law, Spelman College; MEd. and Ed. D., University of Phoenix. Angela currently works as the Executive Director of Memphis Partnership Advocates of Community Development (MPAC). Angela is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) and a contributing scholar to School-to-Prison research and restorative justice programs. 

Michael Niemann is the CEO of Next New Concept Inc and Founder and Inventor of HercuWall®, a breakthrough engineered panelized, hurricane-rated wall system technology that reinforces concrete without rebar, that won him honors from Builder Magazine as one of the HIVE 50 “Best Ideas & Innovators in Housing.”  Michael has over 25 years of experience specifically in building components for residential construction and is well known and respected in the building industry for his ability to forge corporate strategies, key management, marketing, top-level sales, and robust R&D to launch products, projects, and enterprises. 

Vernon Williams is the principal of VERNON WILLIAMS ARCHITECTURE, an award-winning architectural firm with over 30 years of experience with major residential, commercial, institutional buildings, and urban design projects throughout the U.S. and abroad. Vernon has worked with some of the world's leading architects on trend-setting projects for the built environment.  Vernon’s innovative building designs utilize modern technology, energy conservation, and contemporary building economies and his s work can be seen in all types of structures, including single-family and multiple-family residences, health care facilities, schools, museums, and office buildings.

Dr. Deborah Stewart, Ed. D. holds a Doctor of Education from Prairie View A & M University. Deborah currently lives and works as an Associate Superintendent in Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District, a district with 115,000 students, in Cypress, TX. Deborah is a highly sought out motivational speaker and educator.

Lorenzo Williams
Carl Williams
Manzoor Hasan
Michael Niemann
Vernon Williams
Dr. Deborah Stewart
Dr. Angela Martin

Our Advisory Team

Paul McKee, Jr. (Mentor/Consultant) a St. Louis, Missouri property developer and CEO of M Property Services is a personal advisor to Williams and the project team.  McKee, a civil engineer, has developed over 3,600 acres and over 3.5 million square feet of commercial and residential space.  McKee specializes in large-scale, mixed-use developments.   His NorthSide Regeneration Project in St. Louis is an $8.1 billion development covering some 1,500 acres of the city of St. Louis and includes four commercial centers totaling over 3,000,000 square feet of new retail and office space, 1,000,000 square feet of light industrial space, new homes, parks, and a trolley line.  The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) West Headquarters has committed to building a $1.7 billion campus on a 100-acre site within the development that would support 7,200 jobs.  Paul’s experience as a real estate developer and his NorthSide Regeneration project provides SGP an invaluable road map to success.

William Lacy Clay Jr., a former member of the United States House of Representatives, representing the 1st district of Missouri (St. Louis) from 2001-2021. Prior to his service in Congress, Clay served as a Missouri State Senator from 1991-2000. Lacy was instrumental in securing the headquarters of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency in his hometown district of St. Louis. The $1.7 billion project is the largest single federal investment in St. Louis history. He also assisted in the development and building of the $120 million National Archives Administration Center in North St. Louis County. As a highly respected member of the Congressional Black Caucus and Chair of the Financial Services Housing Subcommittee, he secured the renovation of over 200 units of housing in North St. Louis and an additional 200 plus units in Wellston to help reimagine public housing and provide dignity and safety to elderly residents. Lacy has worked tirelessly to increase credit and banking access for the unbanked and underserved. Lacy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland and Honorary Doctorates from Lincoln University, the University of the District of Columbia, Logan College, and Harris Stowe State University.  Lacy’s political acumen, national contacts, and passion for uplifting the underserved communities make him a welcomed and invaluable resource.

Calvin “Kern” Grimes is President and CEO of Grimes Oil of Boston, MA.  Grimes Oil Company is the largest and oldest 100% minority (African American) owned and operated oil company in New England.  In 1979, Grimes Oil was listed at number Nine on the Black Enterprise List of Top 100 Black-Owned Businesses in the country.   After 60+ years, the company remains a family-owned and operated business today. Kern’s 50 years of business success will play a key role in developing a long-term business strategy.

Vada Grantham, B.A. in Business Administration; Grand View University, Vada is CEO of Abidica, a management and consultant firm, and a consummate visionary and strategist in taking ideas from conception to reality.  Vada has worked with government officials, non-profits, and the private sector and has been featured in Time Magazine, BBC television and various media outlets for his skill sets and business acumen.

Sidney Chism, former two-term Shelby County Commissioner (Memphis), a former Shelby County Democratic Party Chairman, and a retired National Teamsters Union organizer and business owner.  Sidney has vast knowledge and understanding of Memphis, the political process, and landscape; and his national political personal contacts are invaluable.

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