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Memphis Partnerships Advocates for Community Development  (MPAC)  
A 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Organization

What We Do

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Affordable Housing 
The 100-YEAR Home

There is an affordable housing crisis. Communities across the country are facing low-income housing shortages.  There is not a single county in the United States that can fill 100% of its low-income population’s need for safe, affordable housing.​

MPAC actively engages in the building of new single-family and multi-family affordable housing and the acquisition and rehabilitation of properties for sale or rent.  We will acquire undervalued or depressed residential properties, improve them, and resell or rent them at an attractive price. Each proposed development is guided by a long-term vision and developed in phases to meet market demand.

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Workforce Development

Training and Jobs creation are one of the most important components within MPAC’s economic development plan.  Job training and jobs gives residents an opportunity for training and development of skills to earn more income and advance to jobs in high-demand sectors with career potential.

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Health Wellness & Nutrition

The introduction of the Image of Health Wellness and Nutrition Center (IHWNC) represents both physical development and a distinct opportunity to provide a healthy, nurturing, and sustainable quality of life infrastructure in the community.

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Enter a student. Leave a Leader.

Developing young leaders is vital for the health of civic life and public organizations. Social skills---empathy, compassion towards the lives of others, and cooperation---are integral to leadership ability, yet often overlooked and undervalued in formal education. There is growing evidence that these emotional intelligence skills are as important as literacy and numeracy to one’s ability to improve his/her own quality of life.

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Home: What We Do

More about MPAC 

Memphis Partnerships Advocates for Community Development (MPAC) was created for the development of high-quality, affordable housing solutions for moderate to low-income households across metropolitan Memphis and Shelby County.  We undertake housing allocation and management, asset management, and the development of social and affordable housing as well as a range of community-building initiatives and programs designed to support tenancies and provide opportunities for residents to participate in the communities where we operate.

MPAC is comprised of business and financial leaders, entrepreneurs, and former government officials who decided on a practical approach to address the problem.  Our vision for an organization that can actually build quality affordable housing on a large scale---not just single, lot-by-lot infill housing, but hundreds of homes within reach of low- and moderate-income families.

We take great pride in our heritage of being entrepreneurs, architects, engineers, and business professionals. Our management team members collectively have over 100 years of business experience extending across multiple sectors; complementary backgrounds and diverse perspectives on management. We have partners and business relationships with investment professionals who have invested across the capital structure in a variety of industries, and we have a significant network of financing partners and industry experts that we can call.

We use our vast network of business and personal relationships to find and leverage capital, lower development costs, and forge community partnerships to benefit everyone. Our vast network of relationships from across the country allows MPAC to offer a range of cost and quality advantages with every project and allows us to use a holistic approach to community development.

Our philosophy of investing money into communities will allow for those communities to become vibrant, to become safe, to create ownership, and most importantly, to contribute to the well-being of their community.

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